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Discount & Refund Policies

Discounts & Refunds Policy


ClubFootball Discount Policy


  1. A parent registering two siblings are entitled to a 10% discount on the lower-priced of the two courses.  Parents registering three children are entitled to a 10% discount on the second course and a 20% discount on the third.

  2. Students who register for more than 1 regular course in a term are entitled to a 10% multi-course discount on the lower-priced of the two courses.  Please note this multi-course discount does not apply to 3-day Clinics or other camps held mid-season.

  3. Continuing students (i.e. students who have been on a previous ClubFootball course) who introduce a friend who is new to our programmes are entitled to a 10% discount on their course fee once the new friend registers. The new friend is also entitled to a 10% discount. Where the continuing student has already registered when the new player joins, the discounted portion can be refunded in cash.  Students who introduce 2 new players enjoy a 20% discount, 3 players a 30% discount etc, with each new player enjoying a 10% discount.  Please note that new students who register with a friend are not entitled to the ‘bring-a-friend discount’ but can instead attend a tester class.

  4. Students joining a course once it has begun are entitled to pay a pro-rata course fee.

  5. Students who know in advance that they will not be able to attend some sessions are not entitled to a reduced course fee or discount except where specifically stated in ClubFootball's published materials. Examples include ClubFootball's summer courses where we operate a flexible pricing policy in recognition of the fact that many families will go on holiday during this period.

  6. Students should do their utmost to attend all classes.  The curriculum is structured and progresses week on week; students should try to attend all classes to gain maximum improvement and enjoyment from the programme.



ClubFootball Refund Policy


  1. Where a student misses a class and CAN provide a doctors certificate as proof of absence, he/she shall be entitled to credit on future courses. Where the student is injured/unwell and does not wish to do a future course, a cash refund may be provided. 

  2. Where a student misses a class and CAN NOT provide a doctor’s certificate as proof absence, a cash refund or course credit CAN NOT be provided. If the student wishes to apply for a makeup class, he/she must inform ClubFootball of his/her absence BEFORE the session. If he/she applies for a makeup class AFTER the session has been missed, a makeup class can not be provided. Makeup classes MUST be taken before the end of the student’s current course, and it is the parent’s responsibility to contact ClubFootball if they would like to arrange a makeup class. Where the parent does not contact ClubFootball or is unable to attend the offered makeup class, course credit or a makeup class WILL NOT be given. Makeup classes may not be carried over to future seasons. To ensure smooth organization of classes, please note that a maximum of 2 requested makeup classes per season are permitted.

  3. Where ClubFootball cancels a session due to bad weather, pollution, or unforeseen circumstances, a make-up class will be arranged at the end of the course.  Where scheduling a makeup class is not possible or where a student cannot attend a scheduled makeup class and informs ClubFootball in advance that they cannot attend, the session fee will be refunded. Please note that where a session runs as normal but a student chooses not to attend due to weather or pollution, course fees will not be refunded.

  4. Where a student registers and then decides not to continue the course, course fees may be refunded provided ClubFootball is informed before the 3rd session of the course has been held.  Where fees are refunded, pro-rated fees will be deducted for the sessions already held prior to the request for refund, even if the student did not attend or participate. A cancellation fee of 200 RMB will also be deducted from the balance to refund. 

  5. Football is a contact sport and very occasionally, injuries can occur.  Registering parents understand the risks involved, agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this activity, and accept liability for all associated costs.  By registering, parents confirm their child is insured for any injuries which may occur before, during or after the games.

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